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Important changes at Hostdeal

Important changes at Hostdeal

Friday, October 7, 2022 changes pricing

Change is hard. We're changing to serve you better. Find out what's new and exciting at Hostdeal as 2022 winds down.

We have four changes coming your way this week at Hostdeal.

  1. Price increases effective December 7, 2022
  2. Modifications to our hosting plans
  3. Changes to our reseller program
  4. Enforcement of existing package limits for shared email accounts

Price increase effective December 7, 2022

We are implementing a price increase on some of our shared, reseller and cloud products and services. This is in line with our standard terms of service but has been driven by rising costs and the lower Canadian dollar. has not raised hosting prices in 15 years - since 2007. Unfortunately, we cannot continue to offer our premium web hosting at these prices, which are, in some situations, below our costs.

Annual, biennial, and triennial customers will have their current pricing honoured until their next invoice. Customers will not see an increase in price until their hosting renewal – on average, approximately 14 months from today before the price increase takes effect. Customer acquired through acquisition (Affordablehost, Hostdeal and Resellernow) will no longer be billed in USD.

Our new prices for shared hosting can be found at the end of this post and are on par or below other major Canadian web hosts. Note that you can minimize the impact of this price change by moving to triennial billing. (Please note, these prices may not be reflected on our website until later this week.)

Modifications to our hosting plans

Due to customer demand, web hosting plans will be changing to unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth (subject to fair use terms.) There is a certain piece of mind knowing that your costs will not increase, and your site will not go offline when you grow and become popular. This is the direction the hosting market is moving, and we need to deliver what customers want.

Changes to our reseller program

Historically, offered our resellers our hosting packages at a 40% discount, after their primary account. Existing resellers using this pricing structure will be able to continue doing so, but it may be more cost effective for them to take advantage of our new bulk reseller program. Our reseller page has all the information. We will not be offering the 40% discount reseller packages to new customers or resellers after December 1, 2022.

Enforcement of existing mailbox quotas on shared email accounts

Our shared hosting plans include email account that have defined storage limits. This is also the case with our unlimited hosting. You can have unlimited email accounts, but your overall mail storage is limited, and each email account has a storage limit. Mailbox overage will be billed starting December 1, 2022. 

Pricing effective December 7

Start Webhosting

Triennial (36-month) pricing: $8.99/mo.

Biennial (24-month) pricing: $9.99/mo.

Annual (12-month) pricing: $10.99/mo.

Quarterly (3-month) pricing: $12.99/mo.

Monthly pricing: $13.99/mo.

Plus Webhosting

Triennial (36-month) pricing: $14.99/mo.

Biennial (24-month) pricing: $15.99/mo.

Annual (12-month) pricing: $16.99/mo.

Quarterly (3-month) pricing: $18.99/mo.

Monthly pricing: $19.99/mo.

Pro Webhosting

Triennial (36-month) pricing: $24.99/mo.

Biennial (24-month) pricing: $25.99/mo.

Annual (12-month) pricing: $26.99/mo.

Quarterly (3-month) pricing: $28.99/mo.

Monthly pricing: $29.99/mo.

Thank you for being a customer and we look forward to continuing to support you. If you have any specific questions regarding these changes, please reply to this email and we will be happy to help.

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